GARRY TRINH Untitled 18


Clickart Marker on archival board
29.5 x 21cm
23 July 2023, Diaso Lidcombe

Pen Tests by Garry Trinh is an abstract drawing project that explores subconscious mark-making, doodling, and intuitive processes. The work draws inspiration from the strokes and marks left by customers who test markers, pens, and pencils on paper in stationary stores.

The Pen Tests series consists of artworks secretly made with sample pens from office and art supply stores.

The artist did not buy any pens for this project.

Garry Trinh is an artist working in photography, video, painting and works on paper. He makes art about the uncanny, unexpected and spontaneous moments in daily life. He is inspired by his surroundings and from the vast visual output of mass culture. His works are about a way of looking at the world, to reveal magic in the mundane.