SILVER BRUSH Kolinsky 7201S Short-Flat 16


The SILVER BRUSH Kolinsky 7200S and 7201S series are renowned among artists for their exceptional quality and performance. Crafted from the finest Kolinsky sable hair, these brushes offer superior resilience, precision, and control. The 7200S series typically includes round brushes, ideal for intricate details, fine lines, and delicate work, while the 7201S series often features flat brushes, perfect for broad strokes, washes, and bold compositions. Whether you're working with watercolors, acrylics, or oils, these brushes hold and release paint smoothly, allowing for seamless application and blending. With their durable construction and unparalleled versatility, the SILVER BRUSH Kolinsky 7200S and 7201S series are favored by professional artists seeking the highest standards in their tools.

Article No: 7201S-16