UNI Smudge Proof Leads B 0.5mm 40s


Uni Smudge-Proof Lead minimizes smudging as compared to the other pencil lead. It resists smudging even applying highlighter over the top! Available in 0.5mm, and your choice of lead density: H,HB, B, 2B or 4B. 40 leads per case. Made in Japan. The core powder adheres highly to the paper surface due to the unique composition of the core. You can write clear and dark letters, and it is resistant to rubbing, so you can keep your notes clean after writing! Suppresses dirt on the paper surface due to scratching between the paper surfaces and contact with hands. Perfect for lefties or anyone who likes a neat page of notes. Easy to take out the core with a sliding case. Since it can be opened and closed with a simple slide operation, the core can be taken out smoothly. Smudge-Proof Lead works in all your existing pencils and comes in a sleek, slide-out case. Each one is color-coded by its lead hardness, so you can easily tell them apart in your pencil pouch.

Article No: UL-S 05-B