ZEBRA MyTeeGRIP Dry Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm P-MA77-D-Black

By Zebra

Zebra set out to answer common mechanical pencil grip problems with the creation of the MYTee Grip. Some users wanted a serviceable grip that can be replaced when an existing grip becomes tattered. Other users pointed out that depending on if your hand tends to be dryer or moister you have different grip needs! The MYTee Grip provides the solutions to these common problems. You choose a wet grip if your hand tends to run on the drier side, and a dry grip if you find your hand tends to be sweaty. You can also add more than one grip to customize the thickness you like. The MYTee Grip is a .5mm mechanical pencil that will work with you for the perfect grip! Mix and match your colours with additional grips that can be purchase separately.

Article No: P-MA77-D-BK