SENNELIER abstract Matt 60ml 346 Chinese Blue


Introducing Sennelier Abstract Matt Acrylic Paint in 60ml tubes, a versatile and innovative medium for artists seeking a matte finish with exceptional quality. Crafted with Sennelier's renowned expertise, these acrylic paints offer rich pigmentation and a smooth, velvety texture that dries to a matte finish. Whether you're painting on canvas, paper, wood, or other surfaces, Sennelier Abstract Matt Acrylic Paint provides excellent coverage, lightfastness, and durability. With a wide range of colors to choose from, including traditional hues and contemporary shades, these paints offer endless possibilities for artistic expression. Elevate your artwork with the brilliance and versatility of Sennelier Abstract Matt Acrylic Paint, where every stroke captures the essence of your vision.

Article No: N121201.346