At CzipLee, we're family. And we're here to meet your needs. And because we're family, you'll be getting the best prices on our wide range of Books and Stationery.

Whether it's something ordinary or extraordinary, come experience family-style service, at your very own, neighbourhood books and stationery store.

CzipLee defined in all its meaning reflects the traditional family-run business principles. "Czip" means the gathering of the certain few coming together in unit which is reflected in the tightly knit family unit. But unity comes to naught without strength, which is why... "Lee" means endurance, strength and vision.


Our Concept Stores

CzipLee Bangsar

Explore CzipLee, your haven for a blend of stationery wonders, office supplies, and artistic treasures. From children to professionals, find the perfect tools for creative endeavours in this unique store that also caters to book lovers with a curated selection of fiction and non-fiction reads. Step into CzipLee and unlock a world where creativity knows no bounds!


Czip+ by CzipLee

Step into the classiest store in CzipLee history. Home to the renowned Ink Bar, CzipPlus carries the finest writing essentials and inks. Grab your art supplies at CzipArt and your printing solutions at CzipPrint on the second floor.


CzipLee Kajang

Founded in 1968, CzipLee Kajang is the oldest CzipLee. It has been a loved stationery store for many years and continues to be for the current generation. Walk through memory lane with old-school vibes while you shop for general stationery, office supplies, and even printing services.