DARWI Acryl Pearlescent 250ml Pearlescent (White)

By Darwi

DARWI Acryl Pearlescent offers artists a stunning and luminous acrylic paint with pearlescent effects, available in both 250ml and 80ml containers. This acrylic medium adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to artworks, providing a shimmering, iridescent finish that captures light beautifully. Whether used for highlighting details, creating ethereal backgrounds, or adding dimension to mixed media projects, DARWI Acryl Pearlescent offers vibrant and long-lasting color. Its quick-drying formula and smooth application make it suitable for various painting techniques and surfaces, allowing artists to explore their creativity with ease. Elevate your artwork with the captivating pearlescent effects of DARWI Acryl Pearlescent, available in convenient sizes to suit your artistic needs.

Article No: DA0210250085C