MONOLITH Laminator A4 OL 289 (Warranty:1 Year)


Article No: OL 289

A4 Laminator

Backloader, small to midsize laminating demand
• Ideal for frequent use in a small ofce environment
• With innovative Eco-PTC-Technology, giving up to 75% en ergyconsumption
saving in comparison to traditional laminators
• 2 heated rollers technology
• For 75 – 125 mic hot laminating pouches
• Also for cold laminating
• No need to stop and adjust when switching to another pouch
• ABS-jam-release-technology for removing any misfed documents
• Back loader technology for easy-of-use
• Environmentally friendly laminator requiring no harmful ame
retardant materials
• Easy to handle
NEW: Environmentally friendly due to 75% l ess energy-consumption*

Warranty:1 Year