BLOCKX Artists' Watercolour Half Pan 1.5ml Quinacridone Magenta

By Blockx

Blockx Aquarelle Half Pan Series 3 Artists Watercolor Paint is offered individually, allowing artists to choose colors according to their preferences. Each 1.5 ml half pan is available in four series, promising the most beautiful glow in watercolor creations. Crafted from rare and pure pigments, these paints are renowned for their lightfastness and fine grinding. The pigments are meticulously blended with high-quality gum arabic and honey, ensuring durability, brightness, luminosity, and intensity in every stroke. The combination of gum arabic and honey not only enhances application quality but also facilitates remarkable washing effects. The honey contributes to a creamy texture, while the ancestral method and top-quality pigments ensure the spirit of the beginning remains intact. Across four generations, the Blockx family's commitment to maximum solidity and light from all colors continues to shine through their watercolors, making them a trusted choice for artists seeking the best in quality and performance. The meticulous manufacturing process involves slow and repeated grinding of rare and hard pigments on stone mills, eliminating excess heat and iron pollution. The pigments are then mixed with pure gum arabic, light honey from selected flowers, glycerin, and pure water through a chemical process. The result is a stable and transparent color range with exceptional working properties, providing artists with a wide array of options for their artistic expressions.

Article No: 41329BXC