BLOCKX Soft Pastel 67xD13mm Burnt Umber Shade 3

By Blockx

BLOCKX Soft Pastels, measuring 67 x 13mm, embody the legacy of craftsmanship established by the brand's founder in 1844. Handmade in Belgium across four generations, these pastels represent a harmonious blend of traditional methods and modern chemistry, resulting in artist's colors known for their purity, permanence, lightfastness, and stability. Meticulously crafted into soft and velvety sticks, these dry pastels offer high coverage and a non-crumbly texture. Ideal for application on various surfaces, they truly shine when used on special pastel drawing paper. With vibrant, luminous, and fresh shades, BLOCKX pastels are ready to use, can be diluted with water, and maintain full light resistance, making them a reliable and expressive tool for artists who appreciate quality and tradition.

Article No: 12433BXC