BRUNCH BROTHER Masking Tape Separate Cat


An original collaboration between Marks and the popular Korean character Brunch Brother. We have a lineup of original and highly collectible items.

This masking tape has a popular motif design with cute illustrations with a sharp expression and a gentle touch.

It is a separate type that allows you to peel off the die-cuts of the illustration you want to use one by one.
You can enjoy it in a variety of situations, such as pasting it on your notebook or notebook as a focal point, or as a cute decoration for the schedule section of your notebook.

It is also recommended to decorate the wrapping of gift cards and presents by pasting them on them.

Weight/approx. 10g
Specifications/Separate type that can be turned over one by one, 1 roll, 8 designs, 160 sheets in total

[Precautions for use]
Please avoid using it for purposes other than stationery.
Please peel off the stickers one by one before use.BRM-MKT02-D