Drewfunk Original Art "The Bonsai Among The Kois" on canvas


This artwork is inspired by Drewfunk's love for Bonsais and Koi fishes. His grand uncle used to grow bonsais in his garden, and he loved to watch his grand uncle drink tea while carefully trimming his bonsais.

The numbers of the characters in this piece hold a biblical connection as well. The 3 koi fishes signify the holy trinity and the 7 bonsais signify completeness and perfection.

Currently housed in our BV2 store as the anchor art piece of our Courtyard area.

About the artist
Drewfunk is a multi-disciplinary artist and a pioneer of the Malaysian graffiti scene. After making his mark in the chaotic city of Kuala Lumpur, he moved to Melbourne and earned his name as a contemporary artist with 10 solo exhibitions in Australia.

The inspiration for his art comes from the duality of Western and Eastern cultures. Through his style, Drewfunk has always aimed to recapture his heritage through the context of street art. He just held his 11th solo exhibition recently in Malaysia. It was almost a sold-out show.