J.HERBIN Kings Wax with Wick 5x Red


Make your wax seals easily with this already wired wax. The seal was an imprint intended to guarantee the authenticity of a document and to make evident its possible disclosure or alteration. Today, the seal is above all an aesthetic character, nicely outdated but still very chic. The box includes 5 wick wax sticks of 13cm. Each stick allows you to make around 10 stamps. The wax stick can be applied on all types of supports, new or old. It can be used for your letters, invitations, bottle seals and so on. Easy to use, just light the wick and melt the wax over the desired location before applying the seal (not supplied).Made in France. Delivered in a thermoformed case with a separation for each stick in order to better protect them and to facilitate their transport and conservation. Cannot be used with a wax gun. To be used under the responsibility of an adult.
Article No: 32220T