KING JIM SODA Trans. Masking Tape 15mm Tulips


Transparent PET film tape which is easy to re-stick. It is flexible enough to stick on curved surfaces. It is best for decorating diaries, gifts, etc. Width: 15mm//Length: 5m. Note when using: Don't put it on your skin. This product is masking tape made from PET. Use an oil-based pen to write on the tape. Please use scissors or a tape dispenser when cutting tape. Please take off tapes from its end carefully. Please use a permanent marker for writing on tapes. Some surfaces may prevent sticking because of the materials and surrounding environment. Some surfaces may get adhesive or damaged. If you stick tapes and left it in the place of high temperature, it may come off. Avoid direct sunlight and hot / humid place.
Article No: CMT15-012