MARK'S Christmas Objet Advent House

By Mark'S

An advent house that takes advantage of the warmth and gentle expression of wood. The mascot parts are attached to the attic to create a lively Christmas. Comes with a drawer where you can put your own sweets and small items. The attic has parts with cute and popular motifs such as Santa and Snowman. Mark's Christmas objects are unique items that both adults and children can enjoy together. Specifications:- Size: /H300xW205xD60mm // Weight: Approx.917g // Material: Wood MDF plywood // Contains: 24 drawers/Paper box (Only empty boxes, does not include items inside box). *Do not put the motif in your mouth as there is a risk of accidental ingestion.*Never give to children under the age of 3. *When using by children, please use it safely under the supervision of parents.

Article No: TOY-TR49