RHODIA Touch Pen+Inkwash Book 200g A5 Blank 32s

By Rhodia

Rhodia Touch is a collection of convenient books and sketchpads designed especially for calligraphers, urban sketchers, designers, architects, and illustrators. This range carries the hallmark of excellence and Clairefontaine's famed art of papermaking, reflecting both their expertise and their proven track record of an outstanding reputation in fine arts. The 90 lb pen and inkwash paper is a very light-grained drawing paper. Because of its composition and surface, it offers very good result for monochrome. For colour wash it lends itself well to various intensities. It is very well suited for line drawing in pencil, felt pen, charcoal, ink, gouache, graph pen, and India ink, and is also good for nib work. It is especially recommended for graphic art and industrial drawings.

Article no: 116126C