World of Miss Mindy Disney Designer Jessica Rabbit


No other toon in Toontown stands out or makes a bewitching entrance like the sensational singer and actress, Jessica Rabbit, in Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). When her husband, famous toon comedian Roger Rabbit, is framed for murder, Jessica devotedly sleuths alongside private investigator Eddie Valiant to discover the truth and free Roger. Along their investigation, Eddie realizes he misjudged Jessica based on her stunning looks. As Jessica sincerely explains, "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way." Jessica is uniquely recreated in vinyl in Miss Mindy's whimsical artistry, wearing her signature outfit revamped with distinctive details. Her classic red dress is decorated with a pink heart and music notes on new, puffed sleeves as well as sparkles on her left side. The large pink bow that adorns the back of her dress also acts as a tripod that keeps her upright and ready to display. Jessica rests one hand on her hip, flirtatiously posing as she prepares to serenade the adoring audience of the Ink and Paint Club. She is accompanied by a lovestruck mini Roger Rabbit, who has hearts in his eyes for his beautiful wife. It's no mystery that this Miss Mindy Jessica Rabbit Vinyl Collectible makes a gorgeous addition to any collection! Part of series 2 in Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl Collection - COLLECT THEM ALL! Unique Tripod design with vibrant color details. Roger Rabbit accessory piece comes in box for added value. Beautifully packaged in branded color window box suitable for display. Jessica Rabbit Stands 7" Tall; Roger Rabbit is 1 7/8" Tall.

Article No: M6001678