CARAN D'ACHE Leman x Klein Blue Limited Edition Fountain Pen with Inkwell


This set contains 12 water-soluble coloured pencils Swisscolour, 12 water-soluble wax pastels Neocolor II, 2 pots Gouache Studio (yellow and red) and 1 brush no. 5
The Swisscolor pens have water-soluble leads with a diameter of 2.8 mm, a hexagonal shape and are made from FSC-certified cedar wood
The wax pastel pens are made of wax, they are water-soluble, have a high pigment concentration, excellent coverage, bright colours and excellent light fastness
The Gouache colours are made with natural binders, without plasticisers and water-soluble, they have a high pigment concentration, bright colours and are economical in use
The box is made of high-quality beech wood with protective varnish in the colour dark mahogany, it also has a sliding window made of plexiglass and its dimensions are 20.3 x 26.8 x 2.2 cm

Article No: 3000.424