CzipLee x Kinokuniya 21st Anniv Canvas Tote Set

By Cziplee

In our search to discover and learn, one book leads to another. They serve as "branches" of connection to other different but related interests or book categories. Stationery plays an important role in the reading process as well, and together, stationery and books form a special connection. The entire process is akin to building your own forest. This special collaboration between CzipLee and Kinokuniya Malaysia for Kinokuniya Malaysia's 21st Anniversary brings together the best of both and imagines a world where bookish characters jump out of their pages and interact together with books and stationery. Material made of natural white cotton canvas. Measurement: 33cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 8cm (D); strap drop about half of 44cm.