DECOPATCH Matt Varnish 180ml


Décopatch is a French brand belonging to the Clairefontaine Rhodia group. We offer quality products for customization, decoration and creative hobbies. Aquapro vitrifying varnish is recommended for protecting everyday objects, particularly those subject to frequent use. It reinforces the protection of the Paperpatch varnish-glue with which it is perfectly compatible. It makes decorations more resistant to temperature, humidity or detergents. The varnish can be applied to all flat or irregular surfaces. It cleans up with water and is solvent-free. Ultra matte varnish - Dimensions of the pot: 6x6x8 cm. It complies with the most stringent regulations in Europe. Made in France. **Product safety: Contains benzisothiazolone. May produce an allergic reaction.

Article No: VAUM180AO