DECOPATCH Objects:Accessories-Flying Pig Money Box


Made from brown papier mache, this Decopatch stand is ideal for decorating your needs. 1 Possibility: cover it with white Gesso paint (not included) before painting in the colours of your choice. 2nd option: customise it with Decopatch paper and our PaperPatch glue (not included). It is easy to tear or cut a few pieces of Decopatch paper about 2 x 2 cm. Apply the glue to the substrate. Place a piece of paper on the glued surface and put a second layer of glue on it. Overlay the pieces of paper to cover the backing by mixing colours and patterns. 3rd options: cover it with paperpatch glue (not included) then apply our Glit's glitter for example (not included). It's up to you to play! An original piggy bank, so unique because of its handicraft! A slot allows you to slide coins and banknotes. A hatch under the pig allows you to recover them. Dimensions: 15.5x11x14cm.

Article No: AC842C