DECOPATCH Objects:Large-Rabbit Yoga 41cm


Made from brown papier mache, this Décopatch stand is ideal for decorating your needs. 1 Possibility: cover it with white Gesso paint (not included) before painting in the colours of your choice. 2nd option: customise it with Décopatch paper and our PaperPatch glue (not included). It is easy to tear or cut a few pieces of Decopatch paper about 2 x 2 cm. Apply the glue to the substrate. Place a piece of paper on the glued surface and put a second layer of glue on it. Overlay the pieces of paper to cover the backing by mixing colours and patterns. 3rd options: cover it with paperpatch glue (not included) then apply our Glit's glitter for example (not included). It's up to you to play! A small animal to customise faithful to the original or completely wacky. It becomes an object of decoration, stories to tell or simple game partner for your child. Dimensions: 46x18x41cm.

Article No: LA021C