DECOPATCH Objects:Pulp Small-Cosmonaut


MULTI-TECHNICS: This cosmonaut can be decorated as you wish using DEcopatch paper, acrylic paint, glitter, stickers and or kept as is for a natural Kraft look. the possibilities are limitless. DIY DECORATION: A small animal to decorate faithful to the original or in a completely wacky way It becomes a decorative object, a character in stories to tell or a simple play partner for your child. DECOPATCH TECHNIQUE: Tear or cut out a few pieces of DEcopatch paper of approximately 2x2 cm - Apply the glue to the support. Place a piece of paper on the glued surface and put a second layer of glue on it. Overlap the pieces of paper to cover the support by mixing colours and patterns. CHARACTERISTIC: This cosmonaut is handcrafted from brown papier-mâchE, each support is therefore unique. Size: 8.5x4x11cm. CREATED IN FRANCE: DEcopatch is a French brand belonging to the Clairefontaine Rhodia group. Located in the suburbs of Lyon, a team of enthusiasts is constantly looking for new ideas to respond to trends in customization, decoration and creative hobbies.

Article No: AP197C