DECOPATCH Objects: Pulp Small-Pig 5.5cm


Get crafty with Décopatch, the fun way to upcycle! Choose your favourite paper designs, an object to decorate, some glue and a brush! MULTI-TECHNICS: In brown paper mache, this Décopatch support is ideal to be decorated according to your desires. PAINTING: you can cover it with white Gesso paint (not supplied) before painting it in the colours of your choice. DECOPATCH PAPER: Customize it with Decopatch paper and our PaperPatch glue (not included). Nothing could be easier: tear or cut a few pieces of Decopatch paper of about 2x2 cm - Apply the glue to the support. Place a piece of paper on the glued surface and put a second layer of glue on it. Overlap the pieces of paper to cover the support by mixing colours and patterns. GLITTER: It is possible to cover it with Paperpatch glue (not supplied) then apply our Glit's glitter for example (not supplied) for a shiny and original finish. AFTER CUSTOMIZATION, THE GAME! A small animal to decorate faithful to the original or in a completely wacky way. It becomes a decorative object, a character in stories to tell or a simple play partner for your child.

Article No: AP614O