DECOPATCH Papers:Texture Collection 4s Natural


Multi-surface: Decopatch paper perfectly adapts to the shape of all objects (flat or unevenned) and on all materials (paper mache, wood, plastic, iron, glass, polystyrene, metal, terracotta, ceramic, cork, etc.). FOIL EFFECT: Foil printing is a hot gilding technique that allows the creation of metallic effects. It makes it easier to highlight certain parts of the drawing and increases the brilliance of the paper. After sticking, the foil remains the same. Your creations are chic and bright. Simple technology: the Decopatch technique is suitable for children over 5 years and adults. Step 1: Tear or cut a few pieces of Decopatch paper about 2 x 2 cm. Step 2: Apply the PaperPatch varnish glue (not included) to the surface to be decorated. Step 3: Place a piece of paper on the pasted surface and apply a second coat of varnish glue over it. Step 4: Repeat the process by overlapping the pieces of paper until the object is completely or partially covered. Ecological: the Décopatch technique allows you to personalise your creations and bring your old, damaged or unfreshened objects. No more throwing, you can renovate (while having fun).

Article No: TD850C