KOKUYO Karu Cut Ring Clip 20-25mm Pastel Green


Karu-Cut's specially processed blade has raised and recessed parts of the blade that are fully sharpened. By cutting rather than ripping tapes, 50 percent less force is needed to cut tape (compared to conventional tape cutters made by KOKUYO). With conventional tape cutters, the serrate edge of a cut piece of tape corresponds precisely to the blade of the product. With the blade attached to Karu-Cut tape cutters that it meets the tape at a perpendicular angle, the edge of a cut piece of tape is straight, which in turn means that the tape is less likely to be split when peeling off. Regardless of the type of tape in use, it only takes a light touch to cut a piece off. Karu-Cut offers great value since you can cut different kinds of tape with just this one item!
Article No: T-SM401-LG