MARK'S Hracky Xmas Wooden Doll Santa Tree-Natural

By Mark'S

Handmade wooden dolls overflowing with warmth and nostalgic loveliness have arrived from the Czech Republic, the land of fairy tales known for its doll animations. The characters of "Harachiki" who spend a special time called Christmas together. When you sit down and watch over your gentle expression, the room will be wrapped in a warm atmosphere. In the "fairy land" of the Czech Republic, handmade wooden miscellaneous goods and toys that make you feel the warmth of their towns are overflowing, and you can still feel the atmosphere of the good old days of Europe. Specifications:- Size: H134×W60×D75mm // Weight: Approx.125g // Materials: Wood/Felt. *Due to the nature of the product, each wooden product has a slightly different grain and paint.

Article No: HRA-WT44-B