PAScribe Lining Template


The PAScribe Lining Template is designed to work in tandem with the PAScribe x Rhodia pads and allows for ruling variable x-heights and interlinear spacing. It gives you the ability to add the most commonly used angled lines such as 52* for Spencerian Script and 55* for Copperplate Script. Being able to rule up from 1 mm to 1 mm allows the user to rule any combinations of x-heights as well as a number of angles ranging from * to 9*. The PAScribe Lining Template has a wide range of application where ruled lines are necessary i.e. - On the PAScribe x Rhodia pads / - On any blank sheet or blank pad / - On large sheets of paper where the template can be tiled up. Etched areas were built in to increase traction and prevent slipping, as well as small pin holes to pin the template in place with minimal puncture holes on the paper. Fall in love with letters and let The PAScribe Lining Template help you!