PEBEO decoMarker 4mm M Round Red

By Pebeo

PEBEO DecoMarker 4mm M (Medium) is a high-quality, water-based paint marker that offers artists and crafters vibrant and long-lasting color. Featuring a 4mm medium tip, this marker is ideal for creating bold lines, broad strokes, and expressive designs on various surfaces such as paper, wood, glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, and more. The paint dries quickly and is permanent, providing durable and fade-resistant results. PEBEO DecoMarker 4mm M is available in a range of rich and opaque colors, allowing for a wide variety of artistic and decorative applications. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, this marker is a versatile tool for adding colorful and eye-catching elements to your projects.

Article No: 205808