RHODIA Touch Mixed Media Artbook 250g A6 Landscape 20s

By Rhodia

The RHODIA Touch Mixed Media Artbook 250g is a premium sketchbook designed to cater to the diverse needs of mixed media artists. With its heavyweight 250gsm paper, this artbook offers excellent durability and versatility, allowing artists to experiment with various wet and dry media, including watercolors, acrylics, gouache, ink, pencils, and markers. The smooth, acid-free paper surface provides optimal texture for both fine details and broad strokes, while ensuring long-lasting archival quality for your artwork. The durable hardcover and lay-flat binding make it convenient to work across double-page spreads, while the elastic closure keeps your artwork secure. Whether you're sketching, painting, or journaling, the RHODIA Touch Mixed Media Artbook 250g provides the perfect canvas for your creative expressions, making it an essential companion for artists of all levels.

Article no: 116170C