RHODIArama Self-Adhesive Pen Loop 4x3cm Purple

By Rhodia

Rhodiarama pen holder/pen loop, self-adhesive, 4 x 3 cm format. Ideal for pads, notebooks and calendars Practical and stylish. With the self-adhesive pen loop, you always have your writing instrument at hand. It simply attaches to the inside of the cover of a pad, notebook or calendar, but also to the back of a laptop or tablet. Thanks to its wide, orange rubber loop, it adapts to all types of writing instruments: ballpoint pen, fountain pen, pencil or crayon as well as other felt-tip pens or even pens for touchscreens.The pen loop is available in 32 variants and fits particularly well with all Rhodiarama notebooks. It can also be used to customise and spice up classic writing instruments. Made from Italian faux leather, with embossed Rhodia logo, large orange rubber loop, self adhesive backing.

Article no: 194207C