RHODIArama Zippered Hard Pencase 23x5x5cm Midnight

By Rhodia

The essential accessory for storing pens, markers and pencils and more! A pencil case that combines elegance and practicality to optimise your organisation. In Italian leatherette material with genuine stitching for a qualitative finish. Embossed Rhodia logo (raised print), a guarantee of quality. Orange Poplin lining for better hold and greater resistance to abrasion (wear due to regular friction of the contents of the kit). Perfect for intensive use! Wide opening for practicality. It allows you to visualise in an instant what you are looking for. Ideal for back-to-school pens, Fine art equipment which is often precious and bulky, make-up or other accessories. You will be surprised at its capacity which will make your daily life easier! Solid metal zip for a smooth opening of the pencil case and a long-lasting (which lasts a long time). The long zipper clips onto the other side of the case, thus becoming a handle that makes it easier to grip and transport.

Article No: 319035C