SATOGAMI 116gsm pampas green 21"X15.5"

By Takeo

Satogami brings the gentle feel and soft texture of traditional washi paper to a fine paper for the modern age. It exudes a simple warmth in tune with the climate and nature of rural Japan. Satogami offers colours that are redolent of the hues found in a traditional Japanese village and the surrounding countryside, cast vividly by the workings of nature and constantly changing with the progression of the seasons. Simultaneously magnificent and serene, these colours convey the archetypal image imprinted in the hearts of people who work the land, evoking peaceful scenes of the Satoyama landscape. Swatches are for illustration purposes only, actual colour may vary. **Please note that if you order large papers we may roll them to deliver to you unless instructed otherwise.**

Article No: SG-100-24