UHU Wood Express 27ml 90037585


High-quality, fast, moisture resistant (EN 204 D2) white wood glue. Stronger than wood. Transparent when dry. Ideal for interior applications (EN 204 D2). Paintable. Solvent-free. For moisture resistant and quick joining and laminating of practically all hard, soft and exotic types of wood. Suitable for well-fitting, non-load bearing wooden structures using, for example, finger joints, dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, dowels and springs. Suitable for indoor applications such as doors and furniture in, for example, living rooms and offices. For surface bonding wood, hard and softboard, chipboard, multiplex plywood, MDF, paper, cardboard and hardboard. Also suitable for laminating veneer and hard plastic sheet (HPL, Formica, Duropal, Resopal) on a wooden surface.

Article No: 90037585