UNI POSCA Marker Brush Tip Blue


Express your creativity in brilliant, opaque color on virtually any surface with UNI POSCA Broad Tip Markers. These premium paint markers feature a versatile chisel nib that lays down rich, vibrant strokes of ink in a wide 15mm line width. The fast-drying, water-based pigment ink is highly opaque for superior coverage, yet remains flexible when dry to prevent cracking or chipping. POSCA Markers are completely xylene-free, making them safe for indoor use on porous surfaces like wood, canvas, stone, plastic and more. The brilliant, lightfast ink colors range from vivid primaries to metallic shimmers and pastel tones - all of which can be combined for unique mixed media effects. Whether creating expressive murals, embellishing signage, or personalizing craft projects, these premium POSCA paint pens provide professional-grade opacity and handling for artists, designers and DIYers alike.

Article No: PCF 350-BU