UNI POSCA Marker Fine Bullet 1.5mm Glitter-Red


Add bold details and outlines with superior opacity using the UNI POSCA Fine Bullet Tip Markers. These premium opaque paint markers feature a versatile 1.8mm polyester nib that lays down rich, highly-pigmented ink in crisp, unwavering lines. The water-based pigment ink dries quickly to an impeccable matte finish that appears vibrantly opaque on any surface, including wood, canvas, metal, and more. The fast-drying, bleed-resistant ink allows you to add fine details and lettering over mixed media pieces without compromising your design. POSCA's Fine Bullet nibs offer excellent control and precision for illustrations, line art, and sign making. With an array of brilliantly lightfast colors from primary hues to pastel tones and metallic shimmers, these xylene-free markers are safe for indoor artistic use. Elevate all your mixed media, murals, and DIY projects with the unmatched opacity and performance of POSCA Fine Bullet Tip Markers.

Article No: PC-3ML Violet